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Date: 8th May 2016
Jojoba Oil
If you are looking for pure organic China jojoba oil from professional supplier,Website:, or checking jojoba oil benefits and price with professional company, please feel free to contact Yuanjian Biological Technology.Basic Information:?Grade:?Cosmetics?GradeOrigin:?China,?MexicoAppearance:?Yellow?liquidPurity:?100%?PurePlant?Used:?SeedMain?Content:?50%?Gadoleic?acid,15%Oleic?acidCAS:?61789-91-1,90045-98-0Organic:?YESExtraction?Method:?Cold-pressedOEM:?YESPrice:?NegotiatedSupplier:?YuanJianBioSample:?FreeEmail:?sales@sxyjsw.comDescription: Jojoba Oil contains mystic acid which also has anti-inflammatory actions and since it has a similar in composition to that of the skin's own oils, it is quickly absorbed and is excellent for dry and mature skins as well as inflamed conditions.If a good nourishing ingredient is needed for hair care, jojoba oil is also sometimes added to commercial hair care products, but due to the cost of jojoba oil, the quantities so included are low.Best jojoba oil can in most cases be used on acne skin without any problems as it helps to control acne, it is also an antioxidant - so the oil does not become rancid and can prevent rancidity in other oils. It can be used pure in massage, or can be mixed with other carrier oils.Where to buy jojoba oil?Please contact us at the first time when you need.Uses:1.Pure natural cosmetic jojoba oil uses by using it "as-is", as if it is a liquid cream, a hair oil, or massage oil, You can use it on the face.2.Industrial cosmetic uses, by using jojoba seed oil as an improver and constituent of shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, creams, soaps, lipstick, etc.3.As an industrial oil, as an improver of lubrication oils of various machines, and also as a surfactant improver of paints, varnishes, plastics, waxes, etc. In waxing, it can be used "as-is" or mixed with other waxes.4.Organic Jojoba oil prevents chapping and rash, and prevents wrinkle formation if used as a night cream.5.For hair, its benefits keeps it smooth and silky with a slight shine and prevents hair fall-out.6.For massage, pure jojoba oil is soothing and relaxing and helps in the relief of pain.Shipping & Storage:Delivery: Sea/Air shipping & International ExpressShipping Time: 2-3 working days after paymentPackage: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drums.????????????? 25kg plastic barrels(30cm(length)*26cm(width)*42cm(height))????????????? 180kg Tinning iron drums (56cm(diameter )*90cm(height)) Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat. Shelf Life: 24 months
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