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Date: 8th May 2016
Evening Primrose Oil
If you are looking for pure organic China evening primrose oil from professional supplier,Website:, or checking evening primrose oil benefits and price with professional company, please feel free to contact Yuanjian Biological Technology.Basic Information:?Other?Name:?Primrose?oilOrigin:?China,?AustraliaAppearance:?Light?yellow?clear?liquidPurity:?100%?PureGrade:?Cosmetics?GradeMain?Content:?GLA?10%CAS:?90028-66-3Organic:?YESExtraction?Method:?Cold-pressedOEM:?YESPrice:?NegotiatedSupplier:?YuanJianBioSample:?FreeEmail:? of evening Primrose oil:What is Evening Primrose Oil?Natural evening primrose oil is the richest source of gamma-linolenic acid(GLA). It contains about 10% GLA and 68.0-78.0% linoleic acid. Some people use evening primrose oil for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), asthma, nerve damage related to diabetes etc.?It is also used for treating ?itching disorder (neurodermatitis), hyperactivity in children, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and gastrointestinal disorders.There are other?benefits also, women use evening primrose oil in pregnancy for preventing high blood pressure, shortening labor, starting labor, and preventing late deliveries. Women also use this oil for premenstrual syndrome (PMS), breast pain, endometriosis, and symptoms of menopause.Yuanjian Biological technology Co.,Ltd can supply for you with a competitive price.Welcome to get your inquiry.Application of evening Primrose oil :1.EPO is short for evening primrose oil, which contains high content of?gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid for human body. Pure essential fatty acids are?required for growth and development, and it should be obtained?from the diet.2.EPO is used for skin disorders. Such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. It is also used for treating rheumatoid arthritis, week bones(osteoporosis), cancer, high cholesterol, heart disease, a movement disorder in children (dyspraxia), alcoholism and schizophrenia, And it is also used for chronic fatigue syndrome, asthma, nerve damage relate to diabetes,?itching disorder (neurodermatitis) and peptic ulcer disease.Function of evening Primrose oil:1. Supports the healing and repair of the skin.2.?Assists in the relief of flaking, scaling and itching of the skin. 3. Relief the symptomatic?of eczema and?dermatitis.5. Assists in the management of eczema and dermatitis.7. Relief of premenstrual breast pain.8. Relief the symptomatic of pre-menstrual syndrome/ symptoms.9. Assists in the management of pre-menstrual syndrome.Shipping & Storage:Delivery: Sea/Air shipping & International ExpressShipping Time: 2-3 working days after paymentPackage: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drums.????????????? 25kg plastic barrels(30cm(length)*26cm(width)*42cm(height))????????????? 180kg Tinning iron drums (56cm(diameter)*90cm(height)) Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat. Shelf Life: 24 months
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