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Date: 8th May 2016
Borage Oil
If you are looking for pure organic China borage oil from professional supplier,Website:, or checking borage oil benefits and price with professional company, please feel free to contact Yuanjian Biological Technology.Basic Information:Other?Name:?Borage?seed?oilOrigin:?ChinaAppearance:?Yellow?clear?oily?liquidPurity:?100%?PurePlant?Used:?Borage?seedMain?Content:?GLA?20%-26%CAS:?84012-16-8Organic:?YESExtraction?Method:?Cold?PressedOEM:?YESPrice:?NegotiatedSupplier:?YuanJianBioSample:?FreeEmail:? of borage oil:Pure Natural Borage is well known as one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids. It is the richest source of gamma linolenic acid (GLA) - up to 25%.This helps to encourage mobile joints and tissues. It is also a fantastic source for linolenic acid, Vitamins and minerals.?It has?functions in?treating premenstrual syndrome, multiple sclerosis, menopause problems, heart disease, and many different skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema,?sunburned and aged skin.Then, what is borage oil? Borage oil is obtained from the seeds of the organic borage plant. Borage oil is the best sources of gamma linolenic acid,. Gamma linolenic acid is short for GLA. GLA is an omega-6 fatty acid, which can help to produce?prostaglandin E1, a known anti-inflammatory agent. The pure borage oil can be bought with competitive price from our Yuanjian Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.?Function of borage oil:1. Borage oil with the highest content of? GLA, it can improve skin, relieve women menstrual discomfort, slow down many symptoms appeared in physiological period, it has become a well?known product?both in beauty and healthy industry.?2. Borage oil is rich in plant source(GLA)omega six linoleic acid, other unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of vitamins, minerals, it can keep a healthy blood pressure of the heart and head, it also has an important role in treating?endocrine disorder symptoms of menopause,ect.3.?Adding??borage oil in the meals?directly is supplying raw materials to produce PGE1?in human body. Prostaglandin PGE1 in the circulatory system can inhibit platelet agglomerate, help blood vessels, help reducing cholesterol in the liver.4. Borage oil can nourish the skin, increase skin luster and elasticity, remove fine wrinkles. And it?can effectively improve the psoriasis, eczema, premature aging of the skin, stimulate skin regeneration.?Application of borage oil:1.Medical use:Borage seed oil has been used for treating the joint pain and swelling (inflammation) of?arthritis, as well as certain skin conditions,?and inflammation of the lungs/breathing passages. It has also?been used for symptoms of menopausal disorders.2. Cosmetic?use:Skin care creams, lotions, scrubs.Bath and body care creams, lotions, scrubs.Hair / scalp conditioners.Massage / body oils.?Shipping & Storage:Delivery: Sea/Air shipping & International ExpressShipping Time: 2-3 working days after payment Package: 30ml /50ml/100ml: amber glass bottles, 1kg/5kg: aluminum drums.?????????????25kg plastic barrels(30cm(length)*26cm(width)*42cm(height))???????????? 180kg Tinning iron drums (56cm(diameter )*90cm(height)) Storage: Kept away from strong light and heat. Shelf Life: 24 months
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